Wayne Saman interview

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Being entirely software based, anyone with access to an internet-roaming device such as most personal computers, tablets and smart phones, can expect to have access to the Bitcoin enterprise. The main aspect of the system is that it operates by utilizing a public ledger that actively records financial transactions in the native currency; Bitcoins.

According to Wayne Saman: There are multiple computers that operate the Bitcoin software, which negates any need for an administrative role. As the computers are completely unbiased, they are able to manage all of the transactions that take place via Bitcoin software, ensuring that payments are processed, received and transferred as necessary.

These computers work under a strict formula, allowing all payment and transaction requests to be processed by the entire network of administrative computers, which will then copy details of the transaction to the central ledger, before being distributed to other servers. And that’s how Bitcoin continues to operate; by providing its users with a deal; for the information on their transactions that are to be recorded within the ledger, the users can expect a return, or reward on their usage in the form of newly created Bitcoins (which can be spent on other services) and transaction fees.

This type of chain system is called mining and will involve countless transactions occurring in order to be documented, which will then enable the ledger to be updated with public records of purchases, before digitally providing payment for those interested in receiving Bitcoins to add to their digital wallets, to then spend on other services.

All of the payments and transactions that take place do so via a peer-to-peer system, with no overall administrator (which is the case with both Amazon and EBay, for example). This method of practice has led many leading authorities to dub Bitcoin an official virtual currency. What this means is that as Bitcoin is a piece of now open-source software, with the potential to provide any number of businesses and individuals with a form of digital currency, in which they can spend and pay for products and services online.