CCTV Security

The Benefits of CCTV Surveillance Systems for Businesses



More and more businesses are turning to the installation of CCTV camera systems to better improve the security of their offices and buildings; and for good reason. With local thefts an ever present threat to companies, not to mention the risk of internal fraud now being more prominent than ever before, it’s never been more important for an organisation to monitor and protect their assets.

There are hundreds of stories online that detail the unsavoury acts of criminals, burglars and thieves gaining entry to supposedly secure premises, only to get away with substantial sums of cash and products without any chance of being caught. It was these events that actually led to the initial introduction of security cameras within professional buildings – and with millions now active across Australia, the chance of prosecution leading to conviction has increased dozens of times over.

When considering the benefits of installing these types of surveillance systems within offices and workplaces, there are a couple of important factors that are commonly overlooked. Of course, the cameras themselves can act as a deterrent and this is why many authorities suggest placing signs to prominently display that recording devices are present, but they also serve more intrinsic purposes, too.

External Surveillance for Extra Security

By opting for CCTV installation around the external regions of a building, it will suddenly become an option to monitor all occurrences within any given area. Placing cameras in a position to watch car parks and to monitor windows, access points and other areas of interest can be beneficial; especially if crimes happen to take place.

It’s not just the protection from criminals to be considered however, it’s also the ability for a functional system to record all events; including accidents and mishaps. Hundreds of businesses face claims every year, many of which are fraudulent in nature. Without the proper evidence, a court can soon find favour with the apparent victim.

This leads on to the next benefit – this time relating to internal security and surveillance.

Internal Monitoring of Staff and Officials

Most businesses will have come up against at least one member of staff who has caused trouble within the workplace. This is an unfortunate side effect of requiring employees to take care of particular responsibilities. Although the majority of a good companies’ staff roster will be honest and hard-working, there are those that may have negative intentions, including theft and fraud.

The great thing about CCTV cameras is that they can be as covert and discreet as the business owner requires. It is worth noting that a company owner found to be breaching human rights regarding camera placement can be fined and even face criminal prosecution – but if the cameras are to be placed in public areas, such as around tills and facing stock, then the company owner is well within their rights.

In these instances, the cameras can provide a little extra security, as well as offer evidence should anything untoward occur.